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  • Private Label Coffee packaged in Quad Seal Polyester Metallic bags and labels
  • Private Label Coffee packaged in Quad Seal Polyester Metallic bags and labels
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Coffee Bean and Birds

Private Label Coffee packaged in Quad Seal Polyester Metallic bags and brand labels

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Customize your Signature Coffee packaged in Metallic bags and labels in the Front and Back


Coffee Weight: 250g / 0.5lb


The Quad or Four corner Seal bags are pillow-shaped and do not have a central closure at the back. They have two side gussets, providing greater reinforcement to help the bag mantain its shape when filled and on display.


These bags have three layers that allow sealing, blocking of light and contaminants, and custom printing.


They also come with DEGASSING VALVES and PEEL-AND-STICK TIN TIES that conveniently allow to reclose the side gussetted bags.


At Coffee Bean and Birds we have created an easy, fast and safe way to receive your signature coffee without having to leave your home or coffee shop. You just have to select the product within the packaging category, choose the characteristics, send the file to us, generate the payment and voila, in a few days your customized coffee will be delivered to your door.




  • Usage: Often used for ground or whole bean coffee.
  • Sustainability: Rest assured that you are making a difference choosing this High-quality Metallic bag.
  • Design: Custom digital printing on 2 (front and back) labels of 2.3 x 5.11in is included. Send us your designs.  Full colour (4x0).
  • Bag size: Height: 10.2in x Length: 3.34in x Width: 2.3in.
  • Bag Colour:  We offer BLACK AND SILVER PLATED Bags.
  • Material:  This bag helps to prevent coffee from being affected by the outside humidity. It also ensures high safety, with safe materials that do not change the quality of the product. Metalized material allows for metallic design effects and spot embellishments.
  • Luxurious Silver color bag helps customers feel clean, attentive and trust in product quality.
  • Matte Black finish looks professional for unique branding.
  • Laminated material for added strength and barrier.
    • One-way degassing valve vents CO2 to maintain freshness of coffee.
    • Bottom sealed for extra durability.




      • File type: We accept your files in the most popular formats. In order to have an optimal and faster process, we recommend to send your files in .PDF .AI .PSD or .EPS formats.
      • The fonts must be incorporated in the pdf or converted into curve text to prevent them from being modified. The font size cannot be less than 8 pt.
      • The print file must be prepared in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). Files generated in RGB or PANTONE colors will be converted with a standard CMYK separation profile.






      • The Excelso UGQ is a coffee blend of Caturra and Castillo varieties either from the regions of Cundinamarca, Sierra Nevada or Nariño.

      Click HERE for more info about this coffee or to buy some samples.

      • Honey is a process in which coffee cherries are picked and sorted, have their skins and pulps removed like other types of coffee, but are then dried without washing off the sticky-sweet outer layer of the fruit. This coffee has a heavier body, but when it comes to flavour it's a pleasant with an extra hint of sweetness.

      • Geisha is a superb Ethiopian derived variety growing in Colombia for more than ten years. Originally planted as part of a ten year project to improve quality and increase botanical varieties in Colombia,these coffee beans have now become one of the most distinguished and unique coffees of the world.

      It’s a truly delicious and aromatic, a pleasant fusion of intensity and delicacy, with a pronounced aroma, vibrant acidity and a fresh, fruity, floral and sweet flavour. The finish is delightfully long, leaving behind beautiful floral and citrus notes.

      Click HERE for more info about this coffee or to buy some samples.

      • Pink Bourbon came about when farmers began to notice a mutation from the first coffee plants transplanted.

      Instead of red, orange, or yellow bourbon cherries on these trees, they were a rosy color! This was a hybrid of yellow and red bourbon. Most importantly, farmers took time to separate and individually cultivate plants that made this unique fruit.

      Click HERE for more info about this coffee or to buy some samples.

      • Organic Our selection of healthy coffee is organic certified, specialty grade, high in antioxidants and free of pesticides.


        Stickers/Labels printing: 5 week days

        Coffee roasting and Packaging: 7 week days.

        Aprox. total time: 2 ∼ 3 Weeks. Transport time is not included.



        The Price here quoted is only for your Private-label Coffee. Our Prices are Incoterm EXW Bogota. We can quote Shipping costs for you if desired.

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