Here you will find answers to Frequent Questions asked by customers interested in buying wholesale specialty coffees or to develop Label-private brands.


1. Is there a minimum quantity for wholesale/bulk orders?

Yes, a minimum of 5Kg of Medium-roast for any of our Specialty coffees.


2. Do you implement a roast to order process?

Yes, we roast to meet your preferences. However, the minimum order is 20Kg because this is the minimum batch required in our roast process.


3. How do I receive my coffee and how long does it take?

We can send you the coffee in bags of 250g, 340g, 500g and 2500g. Or, if you prefer we can pack in bulk, in vacuum sealed bags of 10Kg each.

The shipment can take around 5 working days for the coffee brands and roasts we sell as a regular basis. However, if you need a special roast development it takes between 15 and 20 days from the date of the order.


4. How often do you roast your coffee and do you indicate when the coffee was roasted?

We roast minimum every ten days, in other words, 3 to 4 times per month. If you are interested in any specific brand we will let you know what week and specific day the coffee is roasted.

Along every shipment you will receive a documentation with the following information:

- Batch number

- Coffee density

- Coffee humidity

- Day of Roast


5. How do you handle seasonal changes and possible shortages on the part of the customer?

We represent brands from different coffee regions across Colombia, from Antioquia, to Huila to the South of the country in Nariño. Every farm with two-three harvest a year, what allow us to have a steady offer to the market during all year.

Nevertheless, we have what in Spanish is called "Cafés de altura", meaning coffees that are grown at 1500 mts and up above sea level. This characteristic of the crops permits to coffee growers to have a continuos bean production.


6. Do you do private labelling and bespoke blends?

Yes, we do private label and bestpoke blends. The minimum requirement varies for roast coffee, cold brew and freeze-dried coffees and their presentation in grams.


7. Do you offer barista training?, Do you offer assistance with developing menu options according to the coffees you offer?

We do not offer barista training. We can give you the recipes to prepare different coffee products with a medium-roast.

Should you requiere a personalized roast, for example for espresso machines, we recommend you all hot and cold beverages you can prepare whithin the espresso machines.


8. How long can your coffee frozen?

We recommend a fully stock rotation within a month in order to offer your clients a thruly fresh coffee from harvest to roast. Nonetheless, as coffee in bulks is shipped vacuum sealed it preserves up to 1 year.


9. How are your coffees packaged i.e. Nitrogen or vacuum sealed or both?

Our coffees are vacuum sealed to preserve coffee at its best. We do not nitrogen nor oxigen our coffees.