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El Prístino

Pristino Single-Origin Certified Coffee Combo Pack 36oz / 1.2 Kg

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Great Tasting Low Acid Coffee!

These fascinating Single-origin coffees have the full-body Colombia is known. With deep roasted cocoa tones, soft fruity top notes, and a smooth, well-balanced caramel sweetness to finish.


El Prístino Single-Origin Certified Coffee (Medium Roast, Medium-high roast, Dark Roast) Combo Pack


 El Prístino Single-Origina Coffee. Coffe cup Profile


The Tierra Grata farm is situated at 1,500 metres above sea level in the western flank of central cordillera, next to the Chinchina river with more than 15 own springs of fresh water, which permanently hydrate the soil. The grove of guayacanes, walnuts and guaduales that sourrounds and protects the harvest not only depicts a beautiful scenery and attracts a great diversity of fauna, but also conveys a noble environment for the 200 people who with their wisdom have consistently produced some of the world's finest coffee for more than 40 years.


Planted exclusively with Arabica seeds, the most mature cherry beans are hand-selected and pulped on the day of harvest before being fermented for 18 to 24 hours, washed and sundried.


As expected, El Prístino obtains an exquisite raw harvest which boasts a fresh tanginess, rounded off by delicate hints of chocolate, caramel and red berries. With a slightly sweet character, this cup impresses with its body.


To know the characteristics, methods of preparation and the story behind each coffee, please click on this link:

Pristino Specialty Single Origin coffee - All types of roasts



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Liliana Osorio

I bought one bag of medium roast coffee of this brand. I enjoyed it a lot after lunch. It's really a deligthful coffee perfect to drink during the day.