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Madre Selva

Madre Selva Certified Specialty Coffee 4-Pack Collection (2Lb / 1 Kg)

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Low Acid - Whole Bean Coffee from Colombia - Medium Roast - 100% Arabica. - Ideal for Espresso, Coffee Maker and French Press.


   Madre Selva Certified Specialty Coffee Pack Collection.  4 bags of 0.5 Oz each.  




  • SINGLE-ORIGIN: Farms La Reserva, La Gabriela, La Colombia and El Rubí in Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia. Colombia


  • VARIETY: 100% Arabica. Caturra from farms la Colombia and La Reserva. Castillo variety from Farm La Gabriela. Pink Bourbon from Farm El Rubi.


  • WHOLE BEAN: Adjust your grind to your preference.


  • MEDIUM ROASTED: Caffeinated coffee with distinct notes according to single-origin. Choose one flavour for any ocassion.


  • STRENGHT: 6 to 7 out of 10


  • HIGH QUALITY BEANS: Selected by hand to provide the highest quality beans and maintain maximum integrity and flavor, following practices without the negative financial impact a certification has on local farmers.


  • CERTIFIED CLEAN: Tested for impurities to help to keep your coffee pure and clean.


  • SUSTAINABLE STANDARDS: Certified using ingredients and best practices that support farm, forest communities and families.


To know the characteristics, methods of preparation and the story behind each coffee, please click on these links:

La Reserva   La Gabriela   La Colombia

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Karina Hemmers

Amazing customer service, I live in Oregon and they gave me a call to ask me about my order. Excellent quality! Will purchase in the future!