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Our Wisdom. The Secret behind Freezed-dried coffee (Lyophilizated coffee)

What do you know about Lyophilizated coffee?

Commontly called freezed-dried coffee. Freeze-drying is a process of removing water from food or beverage material without the presence of ice. The end result is a dehydrated material, also known as a ‘dry product’ or ‘concentrate’, which can be re-hydrated with water to produce a restored drink or food. The most common application of freeze-drying is in the food industry, where it is used to produce shelf-stable foods and beverages with long shelf lives.


What does it mean for a coffee to be freeze-dried (Lyophilization)?

Freeze-dried coffee is the result of removing moisture from beans before they are roasted. The coffee beans are first ground into powder, and then placed into a vacuum chamber so that the chamber dehydrates coffee, and its moisture (coffee extract) is separated without going through the liquid state in a process called sublimation.

In sublimation, the coffee powder is extracted, concentrated, dried, and finally grinded up to a powder that is ready to be lyophilizated.

The Lyophilization is a process where the coffee extract obtained is frozen at temperatures of up to -50° Celsius and where the coffee granulation takes place forming small crystals.

During the granulation process, the foamed extract is sent to cold rooms and spread evenly on refrigerated bands so that it reaches a solid state that allows it to be granulated.

The freeze-dried method is cost-effective and allows the coffee to retain most of its attributes such as flavor, aroma, balance and nutrients, resulting in a soluble coffee that is much more concentrated than regular ground coffee.


How long does a freeze-dried coffee last?

The shelf life of freeze-dried coffee is very long. If the product is sealed and stored correctly, it can last between 15 and 20 years.


How is freeze-dried coffee consumed?

  • You can easily prepare your coffee in an instant.
  • It dissolves easily in both hot and cold water or milk.
  • It can be easily mixed with other products to make more complex drinks (cappuccinos, mochas or coffees with more or less milk).

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