Specialty  rarety coffees: Pink Bourbon, Geisha and Tabi

Our Wisdom. The most premium Coffee varieties: Geisha and Bourbon

Coffee is widely classified in 4 different varieties, Arabica, Robusta, Liberica and Excelsa, being the consumption of Arabica and Robusta the most significant around the world. The trade of the other two species are practically residual and there is no an important demand of these.


Arabica was the first type of coffee to be discovered in Ethiopia where it is believed to originate. It compounds the 75% of coffee production and it’s the only coffee variety growing in Colombia.  This specie subclassifies into others, among the most popular we find Caturra and Castillo, and others such as Geisha, Bourbon or Pacamara are considered as rare and premium varieties.


Arabica coffee requires demanding conditions due to it’s a crop grown in the mountains generally characterized by a refined and mild taste.


On the other hand,  Robusta, a plant originally from The Congo, has higher content of caffeine and stronger flavour which is ideal for espresso lovers. This plant is less exigent than Arabica because its crops are more resistant and usually grow in flat terrains. Its name Robusta comes from the resistance and size of the plant.


As we are Colombian coffee growers specialized in Arabica crops we want to share our wisdom about the Bourbon and Geisha Premium varieties.


What is Bourbon variety?


Bourbon Coffee. It is a medium yielding plant with green leaves at the extremities, which has the potential to produce a good quality coffee at high altitude.


Bourbon is one of the most important varieties culturally and genetically, it was discovered in the Bourbon Islands, today called Reunion Islands. This coffee is considered to be a mutation of the Arabica Typica, that is to say, the original from Ethiopia.


There are 3 types of Bourbon coffee: yellow bourbon, red bourbon and pink bourbon. This Specialty Coffee is not very resistant to diseases such as Broca, Raya and pests. Consequently, due to its low productivity and yield, it’s considered a rarity.


It grows between 1000 and 1800 meters above sea level what defines the perfect environment for high quality coffee, medium yield and sweet flavour. In addition to its unique characteristics it has a floral aroma, citrus, caramel and chocolate notes with a medium low acidity.



What is Geisha variety?


It originated in the town of Gesha, Ethiopia, but remained under the radar until 2003 in Panama. Since then, Panamanian Geisha has become one of the most famous coffees in the industry. It has a distinctive profile: tea-like with an aroma of jasmine, orange blossom, bergamot notes, and delicate florals.


Last seasons crops of Panama Geisha coffee have recently run out, and the coffee world has been searching for something to replace it. Then, it comes the Colombia Geisha, a superb Ethiopian derived variety, that has been grown in Colombia for more than ten years. Originally planted as part of a ten year project to improve quality and increase botanical varieties in Colombia, these coffee beans have now become one of the most distinguished and unique coffees of the world.


Colombian Geisha Coffee ussually grows in the Huila region, which is known for its exceptional coffee quality and is in high demand for its successful balance of acidity and sweetness. The Huilan region is populated by volcanos and mountains, providing high altitudes and fertile soils for growing coffee.


To get out the most of its flavour and sweetness the Geisha coffee should be prepared in filtered methods rather than espresso machines.


If during this reading you would like to get familiar with these two premium and rareties or buy some of them, we invite you to click on: Bourbon or Geisha coffees


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