Difference among Excelso, Premium EP, Supremo and Specialty coffee

Exploring the Characteristics of Excelso, Extra EP, Supremo and Specialty Coffee Beans

In this blog post, we will explore the differences among four types of coffees: Excelso UGQ 14/60, Extra EP 5% Screensize 15/16, Supremo Screensize 17/18, and Specialty coffee. Let's dive in!

1. Excelso UGQ 14/60

Excelso UGQ (Usually good quality) is a grading term for exportable coffee from Colombia, not related to variety or cupping profile. It describes the largest-sized green coffee beans sorted by screensize.

Recognized for their consistent quality and rich flavors, Excelso UGQ beans boast a medium-bodied taste and mild acidity.

Excelso beans are smaller than Supremo beans, but they are still considered high-quality. The "UGQ 14/60" designation refers to bean size and quality assessment. In this case, '14/60' refers to Green coffee retained by screen 14 with a 1.5%-5% tolerance of beans retained by screen 12.


2. Extra EP (European Preparation) 5% Screensize 15/16

Extra EP coffee beans undergo a more rigorous selection process than other beans which includes sorting and grading by screensize, to ensure a better quality product. They also must meet the European standards for bean quality and size. These standards dictate that a small allowance (up to 5%) of the coffee beans may be smaller than screensize 15 or larger than screensize 16.

The beans are known for their superior taste and aroma, ensuring a premium coffee experience. This type of coffee is also known for its mild acidity and light to medium body.


3. Supremo Screensize 17/18

Supremo is another coffee grading system used in Colombia. These beans are even larger in size than Excelso UGQ, with sizes ranging between screensize 17 and 18 with a 5% tolerance of beans retained by screen 14.

Supremo coffee is well-known for its smoothness, consistency and bold flavors, making it a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts. They have a fuller body and brighter acidity. As Supremo beans are considered the highest quality Colombian beans they are used in gourmet blends and single-origin coffees.


4. Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee refers to beans with superior quality and unique flavor profiles. These beans are carefully sourced from the most suitable regions for coffee growth and are produced under strict quality control standards to ensure the best taste profile. They often has unique flavors, such as fruit notes, floral aromas and hints of chocolate or nuts.

Specialty coffees are often single-origin and produced by small-scale farmers who focus on quality over quantity.


In summary, Excelso, Extra EP, and Supremo coffee beans are all types of specialty coffee with unique characteristics. They differ in bean size, preparation, and flavor profile. Meanwhile, Specialty coffee refers to the highest quality coffee beans with unique flavor profiles grown in specific regions using specific methods.


Now that you are familiar with the differences among these types of coffees, it's time to explore them.


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